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More About Nomad Creative Partner

Can Geren is the founder of “Nomad Creative Partner”. He is the one who is responsible for the opperations in Nomad.

Mr. Geren is an educated, experienced, visionary and talented designer with strong organisational and communication skills. He holds a Bachelor Degree in the department of Industrial Design, Faculty of Fine Arts and Design from Izmir University of Economics which he graduated in 2014.

During his years at the university, he also attended Graphic Design department and met the requirements of the courses. Studying in a Fine Arts faculty has given him the chance of developing a taste for aesthetics. This enabled him to be more competitive in his career and to bring the much needed multidisciplinary approach to his works. In 2012, he had the chance of studying in Budapest Obuda University. He recognizes this opportunity as a valuable experience for developing communication skills with people from various cultures and nations and expanding his vision globally.

He completed his compulsory internships in two companies that target users in different fields. "Alfemo", a furniture design company helped him not only to develop concepts for the desired furniture but also to consider two-dimensional and three-dimensional design in the arrangement of furniture along with the elements of design, such as shape, form, color, and texture. Vestel, on the other hand, is a white goods company where Mr. Geren practised the skills of creativity and problem - solving when meeting the technical challenges of a product that is to be mass produced. These two different fields helped him to understand the variety of the production technologies depending on the product. Those two companies are the leading companies in their fields in Turkey.

Then, he started working in a start - up design company. This company has been working on various design fields such as, furniture design, interior design, festival area design, POP POS ( direct marketing products ), graphics and printing. Working in a start - up turned into a chance for him to work closely with his clients, managers and in the production facility itself. He has seen the every aspect of how to run a design company and this has helped him to create a better idea about in what direction he wants to lead his own career. Being in such an environment from 2014 to 2018, witnessing a company to grow from just a shop to a big production facility, has encoureged him to start his own business and seize opportunities better.

After quitting an eventually corporate company, he has started working as a freelancer. He has been able to create connections with other leading companies as a freelancer and has worked on various projects. Mr. Geren is a Turkish, English, and French speaker and he believes that being a multilingual will be an advantage for him to expand his work.